The Agro-sustainable Schools project is an integral project where activities are carried out to achieve an integral and holistic educational centres improvement and break the poverty circle. For that, each section affects improving children’s quality  of life so as to give an answer to the existing needs and get a proper education in overall good conditions. At the same time,  we provide the schools with the necessary infrastructure so as to develop its own sustainable cycle (raindrop water tanks, latrines, orchards and cattle raising), specifically a scholarship system is established  to facilitate the entry to these schools to children with less economical resources in the area. We started this program in 2015 with 258 students and, after the last graduations, in 2019 224 scholarships have been given.

As usual, it is about a shared effort: the project contributes with half  of their school fees, schools principals accept to assume the other half and, the most important, students compromise  to pass their exams and go forward to the next course.


We perform an exchange of letters with the aim of encouraging the improvement of the use of the language and carrying out a intercultural exchange between Uganda and The Basque Country. After doing an informative talk about the project in the schools that are taking part in Euskadi, the students write letters that are sent to Uganda and the answers back to Euskadi.


At the beginning of the school year, we accompanied every school responsible to the capital (Kampala) to buy the school supplies requested by the School Committee (faculty and parents of students): notebooks, textbooks, pencils, pens and a basic math kit. Our annual help is half of their annual needs, the rest is given by the schools with their own funds, coming from school fees and the sales of their livestock products (piglets, chicken and eggs).