This association seeks to improve the people´s life quality, especially women and children in rural areas of the country through education, social development and basic health. Always hand in hand with our local counterparts, we are committed to local leadership to ensure that these projects have a real and sustainable impact over time, always keeping in mind the local cultural sensitivity.

Saluganda2The Agrosustainable Schools project seeks to break the cycle of poverty. The goal is to improve hygiene conditions, nutrition and education for boys and girls in seven Ugandan schools.

To do this, we collaborate with the local NGO Cape of Good Hope Orphan Care (COGHOC) in the installation of Ecosan-type dry latrines, rainwater collection tanks, pig farms, chicken coops and organic orchards, completing in this way a cycle of sustainable production adapted to the resources of each school. The students participate directly in these activities, so that they learn agricultural and cattle raising sustainable techniques, composting and personal hygiene while they improve life conditions at school, and with it attendance at class.

Saluganda does not end with schools but also aims to help nearby communities, especially the most vulnerable groups, such as large families often led by a woman with limited economic resources taking care of the entire family unit, including second generations and even grandchildren. This work aims to make our work with these women visible and get new funds to continue extending the project to new families.