Saluganda Elkartea (Saluganda Organization) is a non-profit organization created in 2020 but with a work history since 2011.

This association looks for improve living standards of people, particularly women and children in rural areas of the country through education, social development, and basic health, keep in mind a cross cutting gender perspective. We are committed to local leadership to ensure that these projects have a real and sustainable impact over time, always hand in hand with our local counterparts and keeping in mind the local cultural sensitivity.



Inspire, advance, contribute to a sustainable human development in schools and communities in Uganda, supporting a process to increase the options and capacities of people, which is specified in an improvement in health, education and access to the necessary resources for a decent standard of living, all in balance with its natural and social environment.



Being and acting in a coherent way about the values of the association, working in continuous reflection for a future based in social justice; equal opportunities; environmental and social sustainability.



  1. Transparency as a pillar to guarantee the efficient use of our resources; to be able to respond and give an explanation to the team members (people and entities) and the leaders of the project.
  2. Cooperation, collaboration, respect as the basis of work between the people, organizations, and entities of the project.
  3. Equity
  4. Active listening and dialogue as a fundamental axis for the design and execution of projects.
  5. Social transformation / Global justice