In many rural areas of Uganda, as in Buikwe, there is a need to improve the water supply and sanitation of schools and communities. About this need we designed the following answer:

Dry latrine or Ecosan, thanks to their design, allow to isolate the faeces from urine and use them as a fertilizer (after sanitization and composting treatment). Between 2013 and 2018, we built this  kind of latrine in each school. Since then, every year our local coordinator Jimmy Katende conducts training workshops in each school where the student remember the need of adding an ash bucket (from the school wood-kitchen) to dehydrate the feces and raise its pH, removing this way bad smells and fecal pathogens (according to the analyzes realized in the Neiker-Tecnalia laboratories). Every year, we distribute gloves and face masks to remove it safely when the lower tank is full.

Ecosan latrines, built in 2015 at Kisimba School, Buikwe distrit.

Lower floor of the latrine, where faeces mixed with ash are composted.


Apart from latrines, since 2013 we have installed 10.000 litre tanks to collect rainwater and therefore each school has a water source free of fecal pathogens, being this the main reason why students got sick and failed to class attendance when we started the project. The 7 participating schools have the necessary facility for this water collection.

The heavy metals content of the collected water fulfilled the quality standards recommended for human consumption, according to the analyzes performed in the Neiker-Tecnalia laboratories.

10,000l tank installed at Good Samarithan School, in Mukono.