Neiker (Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development). It is the coordinating entity of the project and financial support, since 2010.
Public Society of the Department of Environment, Territorial Planning, Agriculture and Fisheries of the Basque Government to improve productivity and competitiveness of agricultural production systems and innovate in the application of new management technologies.


NER GROUP. Colaboración económica y de voluntariado desde 2013. Entidad que apuesta por un Desarrollo Humano Justo y Sostenible.


Foro Rural

  World Rural Forum  Assistance support and financial logistics of the project since 2018.
It is a forum for meeting, analysis and observatory of rural development. It has established agreements with universities and other training or research centres, with farmers’ associations and with NGOs with strong links with grassroots organizations. As a result of this work, reliable information is obtained that allows us to analyse the problems of farmers, ranchers and inhabitants of different rural areas around the world and develop proposals for action.



COGHOC. (Cape of Good Hope Orphan Care). It is the local Ugandan NGO, located in Mukwono district. It aims to ensure the effective distribution of quality services and contribute to a health society, providing healthy care services, developing human resources to improve productivity and improve the standard of living of orphans, families affected by HIV / AIDS, and children with disabilities, in order to achieve sustainable social and economic development.
Lancor. In addition to her help as a member of the ner group, financial and voluntary support in a private capacity since 2018.
Ekin. A leading company in the manufacture of machines and tools, it is committed to R + D + i and the adaptation of its products to customer needs. Financial support since 2018.
Eilastasuna. Education union. Financial support since 2018.
Histocell is a biopharmaceutical company that develops cell therapy and tissue engineering products for regenerative medicine. Support since 2019
Medical Óptica Audición. Company dedicated to visual and hearing health, for more than 50 years. Support since 2019.
MEDOP Company with more than 50 years of experience manufacturing personal protective equipment for the safety of professionals. Support since 2020.
ALDAY FUNDAZIOA was created by Luisa and Francisco Alday Icabalceta more than 120 years ago in order to support the neediest people in the Municipality of Ayala (Álava) and its closest surroundings.

Support since 2021 in the purchase of solidarity pumpkins.